Hi, I'm 19 and I enjoy wearing and posting about all things suit related. I post anything that catches my eye, mostly anything that a gentleman would enjoy so if you believe you'd like that, follow me. I've learned a lot about suits over the years so every now and then i'll post some tips to help you. I'm not saying i'm a professional but i'm learning more and more everyday and will share as much as I can with you. I'll also post links for certain things that are on the pictures I post to where you can buy them, I even do some links for women, i'm doing this for my female followers or the gentlemen that want to buy something for his loved one. Message me if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you have your own opinion about something I post that you'd like to share, I'll take the time to read it and share it on my page if you'd like. Also, I do not own any of the photos I post unless stated otherwise, most photos are ones i've found around the internet. If you own the picture just message me to take it down or give you credit.